Ingredient Solutions is a manufacturer of industrial bulk storage and transfer equipment, dilute & dense phase conveying systems, and automated micro / minor ingredient handling system. We are their bulk processing machinery representative based in Missouri with a focus on central USA.

Bulk Storage & Transfer Equipment

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Bulk Storage Bins Bulk Storage Bins

Unloading and Storage - Transfer of ingredients from railcar, truck, bulk bag or sacks into a variety of storage vessels, including silos, use bins and hoppers.

Silo Inventory - Inventory systems provide a range of accuracy depending on specific inventory accuracy requirements. Methods include, ultrasonic, load cells, point level, and capacitance.

Conditioning (Drying / Cooling) - Due to climate changes and product sensitivity (moisture and temperature), Millennium provides several convey air-conditioning options. We can supply dehumidified air to prevent moisture and mold problems in silos.

Sifting - Various sifting solutions include rotary, deck and inline.

Scaling / Batching - Scaling solutions from major ingredients to minors and micros, we provide a variety of accurate scaling and batching options.

Vacuum / Pressure - Depending on the customer's process requirements, material characteristics, distance and other factors, Millennium provides pneumatic conveying solutions using both vacuum, pressure and combined convey systems.

Dilute / Dense Phase - Millennium provides a full range of pneumatic conveying solutions, including dilute (suspension flow) and dense (slug flow) phase, depending on the material's characteristics, distance and other factors.


Our primary territory is the Midwest which includes:

Missouri / MO, Illinois / IL, Iowa / IA, Tennessee / TN, & Kentucky / KY.  We have also completed bulk processing projects in Louisiana / LA, Indiana / IN, Mississippi / MS, Tennessee / TN, Arkansas / AR, Kansas / KS, California / CA.