Bush & Wilton is a manufacturer of control valves & gates - rotary valves, pinch valves, butterfly valves, slide gates, ni-hard elbows.  We are their bulk processing machinery representative based in Missouri with a focus on central USA.

Rotary Valves, Slide Gates, Pinch Valves

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Bush & Wilton has been designing and manufacturing quality solids and liquid flow control valves and wear-resistant corners for nearly 50 years. They have been in operation since 1783 and their 20,000 square foot machine shop give them the flexibility to meet the demands of our customers in a broad range of markets. This flexibility allows Bush & Wilton to custom-design all types of valves including high pressure (350 psig) and oversize rotary airlocks. Most valves in aluminum, iron, stainless steel, Ni-hard (abrasion resistant), Ni-resist (high nickel iron), bronze, Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy. See Bush & Wilton's web page with pdfs for more information on their control valves, rotary airlocks, and ni-hard corners.

Here are the major product groups from Bush & Wilton:

  • Rotary Airlocks
  • Slide Gate Valves
  • Diverter Valves
  • Pinch & Butterfly Valves
  • Ni-hard Corners




Our primary territory is the Midwest which includes:

Missouri / MO, Illinois / IL, Iowa / IA, Tennessee / TN, & Kentucky / KY.  We have also completed bulk processing projects in Louisiana / LA, Indiana / IN, Mississippi / MS, Tennessee / TN, Arkansas / AR, Kansas / KS, California / CA.