Industrial Air Products is a complete resource for new or repaired industrial fans, blowers, and dampers from initial design engineering to fabrication and delivery with ongoing service assistance.

Also see Blowers and Fans From Republic.

Industrial Air Products (IAP) is your complete resource for industrial fans and dampers from initial design engineering to fabrication and delivery with ongoing service assistance.

IAP specializes in the design and manufacture of custom fans / blowers. In addition, a standard product line is manufactured.

Services & Repair

Field Service
IAP offers complete repair and rebuilding expertise, along with highly experienced field service. Our field service engineers arrive ready to trouble-shoot and resolve problems. They’ve build virtually every IAP part at some point in their careers, and they’re capable of on-site welding, balancing and nearly any repair.

Refurbish Existing Fan Equipment

  • Duplicate
  • Rebuild
  • Retrofit

Field Service

  • Balance
  • On-site repair
  • Trouble shoot

Repairing Old Equipment

So few IAP repairs, we do theirs:
Because IAP equipment rarely requires repair or retrofit work, we have become very handy at fixing our competitor’s equipment. Customers even call IAP to help with a competitor’s component because we can design, build and ship it faster than the competitor can deliver. It’s fairly common for customers to send us a wheel and we’ll clean it, rebuild it, or if necessary, recommend replacement.







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