General Kinematics is the premier manufacturer of vibratory process equipment,coal feeders,fluid bed dryers, de-Stoners, screeners, vibra mills.  We are the bulk processing manufacturer representative of their vibrating systems based in Missouri with a focus on central USA.

Vibratory / Vibration Process Equipment

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vibratory equipment
Vibratory Equipment

Who we are:

General Kinematics is the premier manufacturer of vibrating equipment for the processing of bulk materials - coal feeders, fluid bed dryers, de-Stoners, screeners, vibra mills. From vibratory feeders to entire process systems, GK can create the vibration solution you require to process even the most difficult materials.

What we do:

No company in the field of vibratory equipment has consistently produced more innovative equipment ideas and problem solving application techniques than General Kinematics. For more than four decades we've maintained a solid reputation for design leadership - with exclusive vibratory feeder drive systems, simplified spring reactor systems, and the most rugged and reliable feeder construction available. Scores of vibration application advancements have made General Kinematics' vibratory feeders and equipment excel in the most difficult environments.

Why buy our Vibration Equipment from General Kinematics:

When facing the decision of purchasing capital equipment, a lot is on the line. Will the equipment work as promised? Will the equipment be reliable? Will it be a maintenance nightmare? What if it doesn't work? General Kinematics has proven through one successful installation to the next that our solutions reduce your risk of buying while helping to improve your process and increase profit to your bottom line.

General Kinematics Highlights:

  • Extensive install base: 40,000+ installations in 35 countries.
  • 24/7/365 customer service and support, with the ability to have a GK service representative on-site anywhere in the world in under 22 hours.
  • Available same day shipping on all off the shelf, in-stock components.
  • Industry leadership in innovation... 4 times the patents than the next leading vibratory equipment manufacturer.
  • General Kinematics has the largest install base of vibratory foundry equipment in the world.
  • All U.S. and many leading European automotive manufacturers choose General Kinematics vibratory equipment to solve their vibratory process solution needs.
  • 100% after-sales customer support: GK has never walked away from a customer with a problem in over 45 years.
  • General Kinematics is now the preferred solutions provider of our competition. When other vibratory equipment suppliers cannot get their equipment to work they call GK's customer service department to solve their equipment problems.
  • General Kinematics is recognized by the editor of the leading recycling trade journal as providing the best recycling system solution to the C&D industry.
  • 150 power plants in the US trust GK vibrating feeders to keep their coal flowing.
  • General Kinematics is the only heavy-duty vibration equipment company certified in ISO 9001.

Our primary territory is the Midwest which includes:

Missouri / MO, Illinois / IL, Iowa / IA, Tennessee / TN, & Kentucky / KY.  We have also completed bulk processing projects in Louisiana / LA, Indiana / IN, Mississippi / MS, Tennessee / TN, Arkansas / AR, Kansas / KS, California / CA.