Alexanderwerk is a manufacturer of industrial roller compactors, size reduction equipment, and granulation systems for compacting, granulating and crushing. We are their bulk processing machinery representative based in Missouri with a focus on central USA.

Roller Compactor, Granulation & Size Reduction Equipment

Alexanderwerk Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of Alexanderwerk AG. Located in Horsham, PA, USA.  Under the brand name Alexanderwerk they develop, design and manufacture machines for compacting, granulating and crushing. Worldwide, their solutions are being used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry by many well-known companies.

Roller Compactor PP 250 Provides Economic Compaction up to 4.000 kg/h

Go to Alexanderwerk's site on Roller CompactorsAlexanderwerk’s PP 250 is currently the best roller compactor available for the economic compaction of raw materials, with a throughput of up to 4,000 kg/hr.

Alexanderwerk has been developing and producing roller compactors for the chemical and natural resources industries since the 1950s. The PP-Types are a completely new generation of heavy-duty roller compactors developed from our long-standing experience and incorporates the latest process enhancements.

To achieve a high compacting output each of the two rollers inside the compacting unit, mounted between bearings, are driven by two gear motors on either side, left and right. This unique design guarantees high energy and torque input to the rollers allowing the higher circumferential speeds usually generated by larger roller diameters. The required high material flow is fed to the vertical rollers via the Combi-Vent-FeederŪ System patented by Alexanderwerk, included as standard. Moreover, the feed unit is enhanced by the included vacuum design that significantly improves the conveying characteristics and resultant increased throughput.

The machine’s design and construction meets all the requirements of the chemical and natural resources industries:

  • Clamshell design, improved accessibility
  • Extensive use of standard components for high machine availability
  • Compact design
  • Symmetry in parts and weight
  • Machine upper section pivotable
  • Patented Combi-Vent-FeederŪ System as standard
  • Feed unit in vacuum design as standard
  • Each Roller is driven by two gear motors
  • Various roller widths with adjusted number of screws, available
  • Optional: Wash in Place (WIP)
  • Optional: All stainless steel construction
  • Optional: explosion-proof acc. to ATEX
  • Optional: Utility cabinet (vacuum pump, water cooling system, air/gas supply, hydraulic)

Go to the Roller Compactor PP 250 page for more information


Roller compactors manufactured by Alexanderwerk have been successfully used for years in the chemical and natural resources industries in the production of organic and inorganic raw materials such as:

  • Pigments
  • Battery substance
  • Salt (de-icing salt, salt for water softening)
  • Fertilizers
  • Silicid acid (for the further processing of tyres)
  • Animal feeds
  • Additives (softening agents, for example)






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