Lorenz is a manufacturer of bulk conveying clamps, standard and heavy duty coupling, bolted couplings, Lorenz clamps, seal clamps, hose clamps, and bag clamps. We are their representative based in Missouri with a focus on central USA.

Bulk Conveying Couplings & Clamps

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Standard Coupling
Standard Couplings

  Heavy Duty Coupling
Heavy Duty Couplings
Bolted Coupling
Bolted Couplings
  Lorenz Clamp
Lorenz Clamp
Seal Clamp
Seal Clamps

  Bag and Hose Clamp
Hose and Bag Clamps

Our primary territory is the Midwest which includes:

Missouri / MO, Illinois / IL, Iowa / IA, Tennessee / TN, & Kentucky / KY.  We have also completed bulk processing projects in Louisiana / LA, Indiana / IN, Mississippi / MS, Tennessee / TN, Arkansas / AR, Kansas / KS, California / CA.